We believe everyone possesses the power to shape their destiny and leave a lasting legacy.


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Punch is a global design & branding agency specializing in building brands and brand experiences since 2008.

We work with company leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers whose vision is a leadership change, business shifts, market growth, and product advancements.

By focusing on emotional branding, compelling visuals, and a clear value proposition, we build Brands that Punch™. This helps brands stand out and drive business success.

A boxing match.

The promise

Brands that Punch


Every brand has the potential to leave a lasting legacy.

Our bold and daring brand solutions help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace, focusing on defining your brand's purpose, expressing your brand personality, and improving your brand performance.

Discover how we can help you unleash your brand's potential and create a memorable impression on your target audience.



Create unique value propositions

Brand That Punch™ allows us to clearly and effectively differentiate and share what makes it unique and valuable to customers.



Building stronger visual identities

Brands That Punch™ are visual identity systems that are aligned on brand purpose, are bold, memorable, and impactful and designed for a lasting legacy.



Create engagement & emotions

Building Brands That Punch™ requires creating emotional connections with customers that drive engagement and loyalty.

Mission & Vision


Everyone possesses the power to shape their destiny and leave a lasting legacy that contributes positively to society.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to take ownership of their future by making intentional and impactful changes.


We envision a world where individuals and organizations proactively create their destinies and make a positive impact through their unique and meaningful brand stories.

We aspire to inspire people to take action and become agents of change that enhance the world for generations to come

Our Brandmark


Punch Logo. Ambigram demo

Our brandmark is a powerful symbol of our commitment to innovative solutions and turning challenges into opportunities.

The ambigram embodies our drive to make a difference for our clients with creative thinking. The circular shape represents unity and wholeness, while the letters bursting out of the orb convey energy and imagination.

Violet is our corporate colour, symbolizing wisdom, insight, and creativity - essential for developing practical solutions.

Our brandmark reflects our dedication to excellence, innovation, and problem-solving. We're excited to continue pushing creative boundaries and providing clients with innovative solutions that make a difference.



Hameed Gani

Founding Partner
Managing Director

Hameed is a peacemaker who brings people together. He listens to all opinions and bridges the gap between radical and pragmatic, creating a welcoming environment for everyone to share their ideas.

Ankita Baishya

Account Manager

A detail-oriented expert with a wide range of industry knowledge. She's dedicated, and resourceful, and always goes above and beyond to ensure projects are executed to perfection.

Ali Shakir

Account Executive
Project Manager

Our project mastermind is a detail-oriented leader with exceptional organizational skills. He guides teams to success with strategic planning and exceptional communication, executing flawless projects with unwavering dedication.

Fareena B

Financial Controller
Human resources

Our financial leader is a meticulous wizard with a passion for the industry. She has a keen eye for detail and an unwavering focus on making sound investment decisions.

Roger Attlee

Founding Partner
Strategy & Creative Director

He's a rebel with a cause. A Brand Strategist and Creative Director rolled into one, he fearlessly tackles every project with his bold ideas and unique talents. A true trailblazer in the industry, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Ben Cao

Digital Marketing

Ben is an ambitious marketing leader. He strives to be excellent and well-rounded in all forms of digital marketing to provide the best service possible. Technology and innovation are his passions.

Noufal M

Graphic Design - Arabic
3D Artist

A talented Arabic graphic designer and a 3D artist who brings visions to life with remarkable passion and dedication, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Karthik G

Graphic Design

Our imaginative graphic designer showcases his expert knowledge of art-working and composition. His enthusiasm for collaboration and dedication to quality is unmatched.

Vishant Naik

Assoc. Creative Director
Illustrator / Animator

With a keen eye for detail, is a passion for perfection extends beyond design, as he finds joy in cooking unique delicacies. Vishant relishes every task he takes on, ensuring that everything he does is done to the best of his ability.

Alwin Zachariah

Account Manager
Digital Marketing

Alwin is a highly skilled digital strategist and content marketer known for driving traffic, boosting revenue, and elevating brand visibility. He expertly crafts digital strategies that synergize marketing initiatives and business objectives.

Ramesh V

Graphic Design

With unmatched attention to detail and dedication to quality, he creates engaging interfaces using expert knowledge of user experience and user interface design.


Sr. Account Executive

Dubai, UAE

Sr. Account Executive

Moncton, Canada

Senior Visualizer

Dubai, UAE

Senior Art Director

Moncton, Canada

Project Manager


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