Time to Immunize
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Six key areas where
marketers and brands
can inject success tactics

for a Happier 2021

Only a few weeks into the pandemic is all it took for consumers to make a drastic shift in the way they think, feel, and do. The extraordinary evolution of consumer behaviour is forcing marketers to open up their imaginations and respond profoundly to newer standards. 

The global management consultation firm, McKinsey & Company has identified six important changes in the consumer behaviour and how marketing leaders and brands can adapt to the up-and-coming year, 2021.

01- digital migration


With safety being the top priority, digital sales have sky-rocketed across the world.

While there are proven tactics to engage walk-in customers in a physical retail setting, online retail demands marketers to creatively think of novel ways to connect with e-shoppers.

This includes working with newly collected behavioural data and devising innovative analytical models for the new normal.

There is also a need to redesign shopping journeys to be more accommodating and avoid pushing and rushing customers.

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The need for social distancing and self-protection has steered an increasing number of people to seek e-services for various everyday tasks.

For marketers, this surge in demand of e-services points towards new opportunities and connections with customers.

It is high-time to augment and infuse e-services as part of your business model.

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02 - enhancing e-services
03- invest big on trust


Quite evidently, the pandemic has changed the way customers shop and perceive brands and services. With health and finances being a top priority, studies have shown a significant shift in brand loyalties.

People are now naturally inclined towards trusting brands that provide health safety and value for money is taking precedence over luxury.

The marketer of today is required to establish a strong sense of security and establish trust to retain customers. This in itself could be a key differentiator.

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The ‘remote life’ has changed the dynamics of our homes. The house is not just a place to live anymore, it is also home to work, study, play, shop, and much more.

The swelling desire for at-home entertainment possesses openings for marketers and brands to explore new channels of communications through family-oriented activities and at-home devices.

However, be careful not to come across as too intrusive.

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04 - bring it home
05 - community matters


If there’s one thing the global lockdown has rebirthed, it is the role and importance of our local neighbourhoods and communities.

Extending community support and localizing marketing efforts through community social-media forums that have been on the rise during the pandemic is a wonderful way for businesses to reach out as well as stand out.

At the same time, innovative ideas on how to scale this granular approach is required.

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Social responsibility, suddenly, now has a greater meaning. Research indicates that customers are more likely to abandon a brand that does not respond dutifully during a crisis.

For marketing leaders this means that they must define and communicate their brand’s purpose clearly with strong actions that make a real difference.

Brands that work for a cause and stand up for their purpose are automatically gaining the customer’s confidence. 

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06 - A higher purpose

SOURCE: www.mckinsey.com

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