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About the role

We are looking for an Arabic speaking Account Executive who has worked across several sectors, including advertising, branding, digital and marketing.

The Account Executive’s role is to oversee projects on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that they run smoothly and achieve their potential. Daily contact with clients is a vital part of the job, so offering new and forward-thinking ideas is essential to the productive communication process. He/She will be expected to pitch to clients, so a very confident and assertive attitude is necessary to promote the agency’s ideas and benefits.

The Account Executive will report to the company’s directors, and this is a fast-paced environment that is both demanding and fulfilling, involving the coordination of internal and external staff. The agency will also depend on you to give your project direction and maintain a clear strategy to achieve the very best outcome for the client.

Required Skill / Experience

As an Account Executive, you are expected to have a wide range of abilities.
These include:

  • Significant experience in professional client relationship management
  • A solid background in advertising, design or marketing
  • The ability to plan and strategize at a senior level
  • A persuasive and confident approach to creative projects
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Effective project management capabilities
  • Keen attention to detail and budgetary restraints
  • Full awareness of creative processes and techniques – including digital platforms
  • The willingness to note relevant trends and develop ideas
  • The ability to work as an authoritative figure in a busy team
  • An office-based role that will require you to spend time in meetings and briefings, as well as staying in close contact with clients.
  • It can be demanding, so real motivation is necessary to thrive.
  • Working hours will be standard office times; however, deadlines may stretch this further.

Typical Activities

As an Account Executive, here is a broad view of what is excepted.
These include:

  • The day-to-day management of clients’ marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Pro-active leadership that encourages teams to perform to the best of their ability
  • Regular communication and liaison with clients at a senior level
  • The organization of client feedback
  • Generating accurate reports and status notifications
  • Pitching fresh and innovative ideas to the client.
  • Completing projects to a specific schedule and within an agreed budget
  • Using your knowledge and skills to push clients, the team and the agency in the most productive direction
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